Список принятых докладов


XIV IEEE-Сибирская конференция SIBCON


Theory of Control
Chernyshov K. R. Towards the Defuzzification Procedure in an ANFIS d040
Kolesnikova S., Tsvetnitskaya S., Pobegailo P. An Extension of the Method of Aggregated Regulators to a Discrete Stochastic Object d050
Ignatenko V., Yudintsev A. Lyapunov D. Application of State-Space Method for Control System Analysis d055
Beisenbi M. A., Satpayeva A. K., Nikulin V. V., Goncharov V. I., Mussabayeva S. S., Zhalmuhamedova Z. M. The Research of the Determined Chaotic Mode of Electrotechnical Systems with the Generating Sources by Velocity Gradient Method of Vector Lyapunov Functions d060
Kruglov S., Kovyrshin S. Adaptive Trailer Set Path Curvature Control for Trailer Backup d070
Yurkevich V. D. Autotuning for PI Controller of Test Bench with Electrohydraulic Actuator d075
Kofanov Y.N., Sotnikova S.Y., Sargsyan G.A. Investigation Methods of Parameters Random Variations in Control Systems d078
Khachumov M., Khachumov V. Models for periodic task scheduling based on combining data processing cycles to support the onboard navigation and control system of a UAV d080
Obach I. I., Abouellail A. A., Soldatov A. I., Soldatov A. A., Sorokin P. V., Shinyakov Y. A., Sukhorukov M. P. Monitoring of Power Supply d084
Kolokolov Yu., Monovskaya A., Bagrov V. Analytics on Nonlinear Phenomena in Dynamics of Hysteresis Regulators with Double Synchronization d088
Kolokolov Yu., Monovskaya A. Practice-oriented notes on the experimental bifurcation analytics for pulse systems d090
Kolokolov Yu., Monovskaya A. To emergency forecasting in pulse system dynamics: experimental verification d093
Anureev I., Garanina N., Liakh T., Rozov A., Zyubin V. Towards safe cyber-physical systems: the Reflex language and its transformational semantics d095
National Instruments Technologies
Liakh T., Rozov A., Zyubin V. LabVIEW-based Automatic Verification of Process-Oriented Software f100
Atamasov V. V., Malenko G. I. The Use of Software and Hardware Complex Based on NI ELVIS II and LabVIEW to Measure the Dielectric Permittivity Spectra of Materials by the Capacitor Method f105
Korolev P., Novikov K., Polessky S. The Implementation of the Cross-Cutting Design Technique of Electronic Communication Modules Using National Instruments Technologies f110
Drozd O.V., Russkikh P.A., Kapulin D.V. Special software for Automated Measuring Complex based on Rohde & Schwarz equipment f115
Zhadnov V., Sosnin A., Korolev P., Sedov K. Laboratory Bench for Predicting the Reliability of Wireless Devices Based on the NI MyRIO Platform f120
Dobrucky B. Urica T., Konarik R., Hargas L., Koniar D. Fast Responding Fundamental and RMS Discrete Fourier Analysis by LabView HIL Simulation f125
Kravchuk D. A. Experimental studies on the excitation and registration of an optoacoustic signal in a liquid f130
Suranov A. Spectral characteristics of the noise voltage of analog sensors and computer interfaces Vernier f135
ZhakupovS. N., Badin A.V., Berdugin A.I. Automated quasioptical system for EHF imaging of heterogeneous materials with subwavelength resolution f140
Gladyshev A. B., Dmitriev D. D., Tyapkin V. N. Software and hardware development and testing of repeaters of communication satellites f145
Abouellail A. A., Abouellail Y. A., Soldatov A. I., Soldatov A. A., Kolosova Yu. R. Software Simulation of Thermocouples f150
Posohov R. I., Kochetkova D. Automating the temperature dependences of electrophysical parameters measurements in microwave range f155
Kirillov S. N., Pokrovskij P. S., Lisnichuk A. A., Lukasin I. V. Methods to form both anti-interference and hiding radio signals for prospective communication systems g200
Kuzmin E. V. The Quality Indicators of the Processing Procedure for a Spread Spectrum Signal Using Statistical Modeling Investigation g203
Artyushenko V. M., Volovach V. I. Estimation of measurement accuracy of information signal parameters at simultaneous influence of multiplicative and additive non-Gaussian noise g205
Krasovsky A., Vasyukov S., Murzin I. Measurement and Analysis of Impulsive Noise on Car Power Lines g210
Artyushenko V. M., Volovach V. I. Synthesis of algorithms of adaptive signal processing using of the nonlinear blocks with approximation of optimal amplitude transfer characteristic g213
Kudinov M., Kudinov D., Kokhonkova E. Non-linear FM demodulation with neural networks in through-the-earth mine communications g215
Meitis D.S., Vasiliev D.S., Abilov A., Kaysina I. Comparison of TCP Congestion Control Algorithms in Network Coded Relaying Scheme g220
Belyaev B. A., Babitskii A. N., Boev N. M., Izotov A. V., Sushkov A. A., Korolev E.V., Burmitskikh A.V. Compact non-linear power amplifier for wideband underwater and underground near-field magnetic communication systems g225
Bogachkov I.V., Trukhina A. I., Gorlov N. I. Detection of optical fiber segments with mechanical stress in optical cables using Brillouin reflectometers g250
Bogachkov I.V., Trukhina A.I ., Gorlov N. I. Research of the features of Mandelstam ╛ Brillouin backscattering in optical fibers of various types g255
Voskov L., Lysogor I., Rolich A. Energy efficient method of data transmission in a heterogeneous network of the Internet of things for remote areas g265
Ilin A. D., Belogurov B. D. Assessing the possibility of Integration LPWan technology into tracking and monitoring systems for construction vehicles g270
Baklanov A., Grigoryeva S., Alimkhanova A., Grigoryev E., Sayun V. Audio transmission system using white LEDs g290
Panko S. P., Sizykh O. I., Khnykin A. V., Sukhotin V. V. Determination of the range of the spacecraft g295
Signal Processing
Sokolovskiy A. V., Fateev Yu. L., Tyapkin V. N., Veisov E. A. The Pipelined QR Decomposition Hardware Architecture Based On Givens Rotation CORDIC Algorithm j300
Kropotov Y. A., Kolpakov A. A., Belov A. A., Proskuryakov A.Yu. Conditional local approximation in the representation of a discrete process by interpolation polynomials j305
Kabanov A. A. Informative Components from Biophysical Signals Selection Method Based on Discrete Wavelet-Conversion j310
Kondrashov M., Pankratov A., Batseva N. The architecture and functionality of the software to identify the actual voltage static load characteristics of large consumers j315
Pankratov A. V., Batseva N. L., Polyakova E. S., Tavlintsev A. S., Lapatin I. L., Lipnitskiy I. Y. Application of Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Measurement-based Power System Load Modeling j320
Petrov E. P., Kharina N. L. Metod of Fast Video Inpainting j325
Iskhakov A., Meshcheryakov R. Intelligent system of environment monitoring on the basis of a set of IOT-sensors j330
Shumskaya O., Iskhakova A. Application of digital watermarks in the problem of operating signal hidden transfer in multi-agent robotic system j335
Kapustin V. V., Maltsev Y. I., Movchan A. K. Controlling a robotic arm using optical feedback n400
Glushchenko A. I., Petrov V. A., Lastochkin K. A. Method of Maximum Permitted Learning Rate Calculation for Neural Network Controller of Balancing Robot n405
Bychkov I., Davydov A., Kenzin M., Maksimkin N., Nagul N., Ul'yanov S. Hierarchical control system design problems for multiple autonomous underwater vehicles n410
Potylitsyn V. S., Kokhonkova E. A.,  Romanov V. V. Analysis and development of a digital radar flaw detector for robotic defect detection systems n415
Kirillov S. N., Baukov A. A., Pokrovsky P. S., Skonnikov P. N. Contrast enhancement algorithm modification and comparative analysis of image fusion quality indices for enhanced vision systems of robotic complexes n420
Petrenko V., Gurchinsky M., Shutova Y., Tebueva F., Pavlov A., Antonov V., Sergey R. Analysis of the effectiveness path planning methods and algorithm for the anthropomorphic robot manipulator n425
Al Akkad M. A. Complexity Reduction for two Human-like Ambidextrous Robotic Hands Control n430
Zoev I. V., Beresnev A. P., Markov N. G. Convolutional neural networks of the YOLO class in computer vision systems for mobile robotic complexes n435
Шурыгин Ю. А., Шестеров И. А., Изюмов А. А. Мобильное приложение для ручного управления роботизированной платформой на базе Arduino Mega 2560 n440
Microwave Devices​
Babak L. I., Kokolov A. A., Sheyerman F. I., Pomazanov A. V. Design of MMIC Subharmonic Mixer for K-band Receiver based on 0.25 mkm SiGe BiCMOS Technology r500
Sak P. V., Rakhlin V. P., Nikonova G. V. Parameters Checkout of a Short-Wave Power Amplifier With Automatic Mode Adjustment via a Two-Frequency Test Signal r505
Panko V. S., Ushakov V. N., Lemberg K. V., Baskova A. A., Salomatov Y. P. A Method for Complex Impedance Determining by the Reflection Coefficient Magnitude-Only Measurement r510
Erokhin V. V., Murasov K. V., Kosykh A. V., Zavyalov S. A., Koemec D. A. Active Tunable Bandpass Filter with Voltage Gain Control in SiGe BiCMOS 130 nm r520
Sychev A. N., Zharov K. K. Analysis of Asymmetric Broad-Side Coupled Lines by Conformal Mapping Technique r530
Khazhibekov R., Zabolotsky A. Modal filter with interdigital structure of conductors For 100 Mbit/s Ethernet equipment protection r540
Surovtsev R. S., Kapustin V. V., Nosov A. V. Transmission of DVB-T2 Standard Signal in a Turn of Protective Meander Microstrip Line r545
Chernikova E., Belousov A., Zabolotsky A. Comparative Analysis of Microstrip and Reflection Symmetric Four-Conductors Modal Filters r550
Samoylov L. K., Denisenko D. Yu., Prokopenko N. N. Analog/Digital Anti-Aliasing Filters r555
Malyutin N. D., Andreev A. V., Malyutin G. A., Sharabudinov R. M. Tunable Impedance Transformer Based on Split Strip Lines r560
Gazizov R. R., Gazizov R. R., Gazizova E. E. Loss simulation of ultrashort pulse extreme points in the microstrip C-section with changing of its length r565
Mokeev A. V. The general approach to the analysis of filters for signals with constant and variable parameters r570
Kulagin V. P., Molchanov Y. V., Fedotov A. V., Kuznetsov Y. M. Selecting requirements and characteristics for high-speed digital demodulators and information receiving systems r575
Bloshchinskiy V. D., Shalobanov S. V., Shalobanov S. S. Application of configurable diagnostic models on IIR-filters and Laguerre filters for finding parametric defects in continuous dynamic objects r580
Ivanov V., Chye E. U., Levenets A. Universal programmable DC amplifier for low frequency noise measurements r590
Litvinov M. R., Zarevich A. I., Konkin D. A., Litvinov R. V. The propagation constants of waveguide modes of the left-handed thin film on nonlinear substrate near the frequency of the zero group velocity r595
Erokhin A.A., Salomatov Y.P., Gafarov E.R., Ushakov V.N. Simple Pre-Steering Constraints for Wideband LCMV-beamformer s600
Andreev Y. Radiation Center Position of Helix Antenna in the Pulsed Mode s605
Gafarov E. R., Erokhin A. A., Stankovsky A. V., Salomatov Y. P. Multiband Three-Layer GNSS Microstrip Antenna s610
Akulinichev Y. P., Mogilnikov A. V. Approximation of the Discrete Green's Function for the numerical solution of the Parabolic Equation s615
Semyonov E. V., Tuchin A. V. Comparsion of Electric and Magnetic Dipoles as Antennas for Near-Field Nonlinear Baseband Radars s620
Dmitriev D. D., Fateev Yu. L., Ratushniak V. N. Determination of phase ambiguity  in the interferometer using a three-frequency GLONASS signal s625
Ryzhenko I. N., Nepomnyashchiy O. V., Lutsenko A. E., Varygin O. G. Carrier compensation mode implementation in satellite communication channels s630
Ovchinnikova E. V., Tsarev S. P. Fractal Patterns in Long-term Behavior of GPS and GLONASS Orbits s635
Nekrasov E. S., Balzovsky E. V., Buyanov Y. I., Koshelev V. I. Polarization characteristics of reflected pulses of ultrawideband radiation at detection of metal objects in conditions of limited visibility s640
Chang J., Soldatov A. I., Abouellail A. A., Soldatov A. A., Obach I. I. The Resolution Capability of the Through-Transmission Method of Testing of Composites Using Linear Array s645
Мещеряков А. А., Денисов В. П., Полянских П. А. Оценка точности определения координат наземного источника радиоизлучения с борта летательного аппарата пассивным однопозиционным методом путем компьютерного моделирования s650
Дубинин Д. В., Денисов В. П., Мещеряков А. А. Предельные характеристики устранения неоднозначности измерений в фазовых радиопеленгаторах, построенных в соответствии с принципом максимального правдоподобия s655
Electron Devices​
 Popov A. A., Bilevich D. V., Salnikov A. S., Dobush I. M., Kalentyev A. A., Goryainov A. E. Verification of an Automatic GaAs HEMT Nonlinear Modeling Technique u700
Fedin I. V., Erofeev E. V., Fedina V. V. AlGaN/GaN diodes with Ni Schottky barrier and recessed anodes u705
Butuzov V., Kus O., Smirnov E., Nazarenko A., Prokopyev V., Smirnova T., Salynsky N., Bocharov Y., Dmitriev N., Trofimov A. Micro-transformer-based integrated digital isolator in 180/90 nm CMOS u710
Burmitskikh A. V., Boev N. M., Izotov A. V., Andyuseva V. G. Automated measuring unit for analysis of thin magnetic film ferroresonance spectrum u715
Sakharov Y., Troyan P., Zhidik Y. Energy efficient sensors based on carbon-modified silica films u720
Taziev R. M. Surface Acoustic Waves in Ca2Al2SiO7 Piezoelectric Crystal u725
Ivanov I. V., Kozlov A. G. Hole Mobility Model for 6H-SiC Thermoresistive Sensors Simulation u730
Potylitsyn V. S., Maikov O. A., Kudinov D. S. On the development of a universal two-channel sensitive digital sensor for recording seismic vibrations u735
Avdochenko B. I., Karlova G. F. Using Hall-Effect Sensors for Weak Pulsed Magnetic Fields Measurement u740
Starosek D., Tuev V., Khomyakov A., Chulkov A., Ozerkin D. Fundamental problem of heat transmission in the closed volume of inert gas u745
Potapov L. A., Shkolin A. N., Draki A. Y. IC testing of high-frequency switching DC-DC converter using models of thermal processes u750
Barmakov Yu. N., Butina A. V., Butin I. V. Sensor of neutron fluence for radiation tests u755
Barmakov Yu. N., Butin V. I., Butin A. V. Approach of TID-measurements using p-channel MOSFETs and its software and hardware implementation u760
Data Processing​
Sulimov A. I., Galiev A. A., Karpov A. V., Markelov V. V. Verification of wireless key generation using software defined radio w800
Alimuradov A. K., Tychkov A.Yu., Churakov P. P. A method to Determine Speech Intelligibility for Estimating Psycho-Emotional State of Control System Operators with a High Degree of Responsibility w810
Sarin K., Hodashinsky I., Filimonenko I. Linear regression to determine the cluster radius for fuzzy rule base generation w815
Rodimin V., Ponomarev M., Kazieva T., Kurochkin Y., Krivoshein E. Modular Platform for Photonic Optical Experiments and Quantum Cryptography w820
Butakov S. V. Thermal print scanning attacks in the retail environments w830
Олюнина Ю. С. Применение метода ближайших соседей для идентификации пользователя по клавиатурному почерку w840
Golubeva O. Construction of Permissible Functions and their Application for Fault Tolerance w850
Eskov S. S. Подходы к повышению оперативности обработки транзакций в системах распределенного реестра на базе технологии блокчейн w860
Костелей Я. В., Жданов Д. С. Оценка параметров сердечно-сосудистой системы плода в системе мобильного мониторинга w870