The City of Tomsk

TOMSK, one of the oldest Siberian towns, was founded in 1604 on the high upper bank of the Tom River. It is a historical city, with a present population of 620,000. In the past it was the fortress and the town of people in state service, the provincial center of the vast Siberian land, and a merchant town. Over the course of two centuries the Moscow-Siberian road has affected the formation of the original architectural-historical look of Tomsk. The quiet side-streets of our town capture you with the mysterious music of ancient wood and stone, with the delicate ligature of carved decor.

Since its foundation in the 17th century, the city has been growing and developing, moving forward. Tomsk has not lost its unique features and traditions in the process of its development. As any historic city, our homeland is rich with interesting people and events, it harbors a lot of mysteries and small secrets. In other words, we have many things to show and to tell.

Tomsk is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Houses decorated with wooden lace, gold-plated church domes – the beauty of the streets earns for Tomsk its reputation as a historical center of Siberia. However, despite its venerable age, Tomsk appears youthful thanks to the students and young scientists. Nowadays, there are ten academic institutes and six universities in Tomsk. Modern Tomsk is a large, generally acknowledged Russian educational and research center. Tomsk takes first place in Russia for the number of students and scholars. Higher education beyond the Urals started in Tomsk. Tomsk-based experts have made a valuable contribution in the advancement of electronics, precision mechanical engineering and metal working, up-to-date building industries, and automatization production.

As one of the oldest cities in Siberia, Tomsk offers many architectural monuments to the past, as well as distinctive wooden houses decorated by wood-carving. There exist numerous historical, cultural and architectural landmarks drawing visitor's attention. Like a magnet it attracts the best people of each epoch. More about Tomsk may be learned at Web site where virtual excursion proposed.

Known for its history, arts and culture, vibrant street life, world-class restaurants and outdoor life, Tomsk offers a budget-friendly metropolitan experience for all travelers. We sincerely hope SIBCON help you feel the special atmosphere of our home city, get acquainted with its sights, places of historical interest, and learn about the oldest city in Siberia. We believe, you will share our love for Tomsk.

Discover Tomsk, a modern renaissance city where history and wooden houses meets innovation, culture, and beautiful girls.


The venue of SIBCON is Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. TUSUR is the modern, dynamically developing university, one of leaders in system of Russian high education on electronics. TUSUR is included into QS World University Rankings EECA as 26 leading universities of the Russian universities. 
There are 12 faculties and 34 departments in TUSUR. Training is carried out by 60 programs. There are more than 12000 BS students, MS and Ph.D students. TUSUR design about 80 % scientific and research results in Tomsk Region. More detailed information about TUSUR please find at

Address of conference halls: TUSUR, 40, prospect Lenina, 634050, Tomsk, Russia